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I would personally like to tell you a little bit about

Gulstream Insurance Group, Inc., our history and how we came to be who we are today.


I invite you to get to know us . . .

Our Story

There were six of us when we started Gulfstream Insurance Group in 1992. Our new company resulted from three agencies joining to serve the Ft Lauderdale area. All three had years of experience in the area, one dating back to the 1920’s.

Today we have new, young, bright and talented people who are acquiring ownership and taking responsibility of perpetuating the Agency. Most of the original owners and employees have retired, but many of our original customers are still with us.  

Many agencies our size eventually sell their customers to one of the bigwig, national Insurance Brokerages, and that’s understandable. It is hard to resist selling; the amount of money currently offered is hard to believe.

We want to keep our Agency owned and operated by our employees. We value our customers loyalty throughout the years, and we don’t think it’s acceptable to send them to another agency, no matter what the big insurance companies offer us. If you have been with us over the years, I sincerely thank you for being such a loyal customer.


If you are considering joining us, I encourage you to get to know one of our Agents. You will find you are speaking with an agent you can eventually consider one of your friends. 


We look forward to continue serving as your agent.




Bob Roberts, Jr.



Bob Roberts

Founder / President

Gulfstream Insurance Group, Inc.

I have an open door policy.

Let's connect . . .

954-561-2220   Ext 724

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